Mission and Actions

CHEAFRICA is becoming an international ‘catalyst’ for the generation of funds and resources that advance the sustainability of projects that support the health and education of children and young people in Africa.

It encourages friendship and the transfer of skills among those involved in projects supported by CHEAFRICA.

Engaging with different sectors of the business community, aid agencies, and individuals who are committed to participating in the CHEAFRICA vision in order to support and grow the envisioned projects.

Funding and Administration

Commitments have been made to CHEAFRICA by five prospective patrons. This includes the provision of an office and the funding of administrative costs by PPL Capital. The office at Titanium House is in the exciting Paardevlei Development close to the N2 in Somerset West (30 minutes from the Cape Town International Airport).

Leveraging private sector funding to secure aid agency funds on a ‘matched basis’ is a key objective for CHEAFRICA. PPL Capital and Portfutures International have agreed to work with CHEAFRICA in this regard.


Ambassadors: Promote CHEAFRICA on the ‘global stage’ on a time-only basis – no financial commitment.
Patrons: Corporate or High Net Worth Individuals - financial commitment as appropriate.
Project Volunteers: Have a direct working interface with the projects CHEAFRICA supports - time only, no financial commitment.


CHEAFRICA has been incorporated in the UK and South Africa to promote and provide funds for Children’s Health and Education in Africa.

In the UK, CHEAFRICA is a Registered Charity: 1181388

In South Africa, CHEAFRICA is a Non Profit Company (NPC): 2018/404246/08

Founding Director

Ann Veronica Roper (Vicky):  The CHEAFRICA concept is underpinned by Vicky’s commitment to charitable organisations over a 30-year period in the UK Voluntary Sector. Now living in South Africa after a successful career in catering and training, Vicky has invited a number of like-minded individuals to become part of the CHEAFRICA vision. Helping others less fortunate is part of Vicky’s inherited family values.